Crystal DeJesus

Here’s my story… I’d love to hear yours as well!

I love making a difference in peoples lives.  I’ve had the privilege of doing just that in many different ways over the last two decades. When I was a flight instructor, I was able to experience the excitement with my students as they took their first flight.  When I was a banker, I got to see kids smile when I would open their very first savings account. As a loan officer, I was able to approve home equity loans and auto loans; it was great to see the happiness on their faces when I cut them a check to go buy their new car. Now that I’m a Realtor, the fun continues as I get to hand over the keys to a new home.  

I have lived in Bellevue for the past 24 years and I have been a civilian contractor and government employee on Offutt AFB during 12 of those years. I’m the proud wife of a veteran, and I’ve worked with active-duty military during my time at Offutt. Therefore, I truly understand the unique needs of the military buyer and seller. My past clients can tell you that I genuinely care about doing a great job for them, and I aim to make their experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

In my free time, I enjoy making food into a delicious work of art. Making cute party food is my forte. Why make a fruit tray when you can make a tropical fruit pizza? Why make a Veggie tray, when you can make veggie Penguins, ask me for a picture I’d love to share! 

Making your options CRYSTAL Clear!